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Havit Wireless Game Pad Controller PS2 / PS3 – HV-G89W 2.4Ghz

Wireless game controller Gamepad Havit HV-G89W designed to control the gameplay on the PC (connected via USB-port), game console Sony PS2, game console Sony PS3.
Gamepad Havit HV-G89W a gaming console with a set of buttons, which is held and controlled simultaneously with both hands. The manipulator is equipped with a vibration motor of the 2nd generation with “Dual vibration feedback”, which provides a sense of realism in games. The player feels the shaking while driving on rough terrain, the knock of shooting and explosions, shocks due to impact, etc.
Wireless gamepad provides greater comfort and freedom of action in games compared with wired counterparts.
Manufacturer: Havit
Controller Type: Wireless Gamepad
Supported Devices : USB (PC), Sony PS2, Sony PS3
Number of buttons: 12
Feedback: Dual Vibration Feedback
Additional features “skid”


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